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Hello! Welcome to Arsyifa Roche Photography website. Photography has always been part of my life since I was 18. It is my passion to do painting with lights. After my son born, I decided to specialise my photography in portrait newborn, children, maternity and family photography and turn it into my own business. There is a special feeling that I can't describe by the words when I am doing this kind of photography. I feel like the truly unconditional love between the mother, father, and their babies/children gives me a positive energy. 

I mostly and preferably use a natural light as the light source, yet I do use extra light source sometimes if only needed when the natural light isn't enough. All my sessions are relaxed, no rushing, no frustrating, just enjoy it and give the best smile. It is important to keep the moment into pictures, so it's not only become memories, and that's what I do here to capture your best moment with your love ones. Especially with little one who grows so fast!

Please feel free to ask me anything you may be pondering. It would be a pleasure to capture your moment. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Arsyifa Roche xoxo

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