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"Our photoshoot session with Arsyifa has been a very pleasant experience.

With a 3 years old toddler and a newborn baby, the session went smooth and easy. Arsyifa remained patient and smiling.

She handled my baby with care, she handled my toddler with understanding and the most important she handled me with patience and respect.

Her work on pictures is amazing. Her taste for colour harmony and her sense of detail result of incredible photos!"

— Marie, Fitness Trainer



We are really glad to capture my first pregnancy moments with Arsyifa. She is really talented, fun, patient and made us comfortable during the sessions.

My husband is not someone who is keen on posing and being his pictures taken. But with Arsyifa, he had fun, didn't complain and even helped!

She knows the best moments and angles. And the results are WOW! The colors and quality of the pictures are amazing.

I can't thank you enough, Arsyifa! Thank you for being part of my pregnancy journey".

— Angel, Flight Attendant

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